About Us

A Dynamic Hospitality Management Company

We combine local expertise with global experience to maximize your investments’ value and impact

P+V Hospitality is a dynamic hospitality management company founded in 2020 by a team of high-performing and results-driven hospitality industry experts, entrepreneurs and visionaries.

We offer effective services in hotel management, development advisory, hospitality advisory and asset management.
Our role is to be of exceptional service to our clients who are local owners with non branded properties, and owners affiliated with other International brands and affiliations.

At P+V Hospitality we ensure that our clients receive excellent corporate support in all aspects of operation by utilizing our teams’ collective 30 years of in-depth experience to help them achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

We are dedicated to bringing their projects to the next benchmark and beyond. Applying our team’s extensive knowledge, global expertise and established contacts we are currently seeking new and innovative projects, primarily focusing on Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans.

P+V Hospitality

Performance: as an operator we abide by our strong will to ensure exceptional performance for any project that we engage in.

  Value: our aim is to create value for the owners through performance and efficiency. Value of their asset, value in their business.


Focus on impact, meaning and excellence

Our vision is to become a dynamic hospitality company based in Greece, with the main focus on the key markets of Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans that will create and realize our shareholders’ dreams and values, by taking a leading role in developing an entire market spectrum of upscale, budget, and lifestyle market hotel segments in this part of Europe.


Delivering results effectively and expeditiously

Our mission is to locate, develop, and manage properties in the most sought after cities, business hubs, and lesser-known destinations in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans while paving the way to a new era of sustainable development, both social and economic.

Culture & Values

Our reputation and our future as a market leader in our key-focus markets of Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans depends on our commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency in our daily operations. We believe that life truly favors the devoted and we strive to leave a legacy.

We abide by these values:


People do business with people they trust

We consider trust to be a crucial value in securing a positive and engaging working environment, where achievable and realistic promises are made and kept.


Developing world-class relationships

We believe that all our colleagues, regardless of their background and occupying position, need to be treated equally and with respect. We strongly value diversity and inclusion and are committed to creating an inspirational workplace where every opinion and voice matters. Guest satisfaction is a direct reflection of employee satisfaction, and we are dedicated to creating a positive environment where such relationships can thrive.


Lead by example

Only with the help of each one of us can our vision of becoming a dynamic hospitality company in Central and Eastern Europe come true.


Never lose the child in you

Enthusiasm is the key to overcoming daily business challenges and offering our guests an unrivaled, personalized service with a smile.


Failure is simply not an option

Commitment is rooted in our core values and vision. Only with committed colleagues can we deliver success and solve daily challenges.


The more you give, the more you receive

Our people, whether they are guests or employees, are always our primary focus. By showing compassion and adapting to their needs and desires, we can improve their expectations.