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We are looking for service-minded, passionate, ambitious and hard-working individuals who are dedicated to the success of P+V Hospitality and its partners.

We Strive to be the Employer of Choice

At P+V Hospitality, our sacred mission is to use our collective worldly experience to lead with dignity and grace, and to establish a mindful environment for all parties involved. Diversity and inclusion are deeply rooted in our company’s DNA. Happiness is a collective effort that leads to direct results, and it all starts with our employees. To achieve high-levels of guest satisfaction which results in greater profits, we must first and foremost focus on our employees.

We are committed to delivering exceptional and profitable results for our partners and investors while offering meaningful experiences to our guests. We don’t believe in leading by status but rather by example.


Satisfied Employees Ensure Overall Success

Following a successful career with major international brands, our experienced team of executives brings a wealth of fundamental values such as transparency, loyalty, and respect to clients, owners, investors, and all third-party providers, including local and international authorities. Being exposed to a dissonance of cultures all of us are devoted to strictly following the code of ethics that ensures long-standing relationships with all clients and suppliers.

The Code together with our internal procedures promotes relationships with suppliers based on shared commitments in areas such as the defence of human rights, legal compliance, labor rights, health and safety at work, and respect for the environment, among others.

We aim to make progress in the use of sustainable products in all our hotels, supporting the development of a more responsible business model and also responding to greater demand from society for products and services that respect the environment. We work with local leading organizations, hospitality and tourism management schools, and colleges, aiming to offer graduates opportunities for the future and sharing our knowledge and know-how with future generations.

Growing Responsible Leaders

The narrative around our vision is to create a company that will grow responsible leaders who will embrace our business model of focusing on the development of both economic and human benefits.

To build and manage businesses that are conscious and respectful of the environment, and the societies in which they operate.

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