FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Running a hotel is a challenging task that requires strategic selection, organization, and execution. For our clients, it might mean that it is something out of their comfort zone (area of expertise, location, etc). The role of the hospitality management company is to victoriously manage the complexities of a hotel management landscape. The owners sign a contract with a management company and hand over all the operational responsibilities to their managing partners. The key is to successfully curate the diverse skills and resources required by numerous departments, in order to maximize performance, to ensure the smooth operation of the hotel which in return leads to profitability for the owners. However, this is not the only service that we offer, for more details we invite you to check out our Services page.

For a good number of years, Greece was labeled as a bureaucratic nightmare due to the constantly changing Greek tax framework that did not make it easy to attract foreign investments. The recently introduced changes adopted by the Greek Government have made a substantial difference. Greece is a lucrative market promising high potential for its investors. There has never been a better time to invest in Greece. When investing in a foreign country, there are many factors to consider – law, taxes, language, labor, market size, culture, etc. The incentive of hiring a hospitality management company in Greece is that we take care of the small details in order to maximize your time and investment. With the guidance of our team of highly professional local experts, you will have a solid understanding of how Greece’s hospitality landscape is evolving.