Asset Management

Asset Management

Together we define your goals

P+V Hospitality has a dedicated team of hospitality experts who have served the tourism industry for more than 30 years. As hoteliers, we implicitly understand the owners’ objectives regarding the management of hospitality assets.
The combination of our thorough knowledge, extensive industry experience, and our sincere dedication to producing exemplary results is why our clients trust us to handle their assets.

What We DoFortune favors the well prepared

The goal of our Asset Management division is to assist owners and financial institutions in achieving their defined goals and to ensure that the hotel asset’s maximum value and potential are met. In an ever-changing business environment where fluctuating operating costs and increasing oversupply requires the agility to stay ahead in driving investment returns.

The P+V Hospitality team understands markets and risks. We have access to market-driven data which enables hospitality businesses to better understand the complexities of today’s primary and secondary markets in the regions that we serve. The only thing that is constant in life is change, and we ensure that our clients are always guided in the right direction when it comes to making critical decisions about their assets.

How We ExecuteWe add value in unique and proprietary ways

We seek to work with like-minded investors who believe in innovation and operational excellence. The end goal of any project that we undertake is to deliver profitable results for our partners and meaningful experiences for our guests. The most important single ingredient in our formula of success is the ability to listen. We listen to our team members, employees, customers and investors, as people are the driving force of our success.

Our primary objective is to provide a customized level of service to all our clients in order to ensure that we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Upon identifying the specific needs of a client, a tailored plan is crafted and executed.

P+V Hospitality’s Asset Management division works closely with the hotel operator and/or owner’s management team to craft a capital structure that aligns with our partner’s objectives and assures optimal property performance. We implement quality assurance strategies that operate in line with contractual terms, advances in technology, product positioning and evolving market trends.

Our Suite of Asset Management Services

Our team’s global experience in the hospitality industry makes the difference between just knowing and truly understanding the intricacies of hotel ownership and operation.

  • We offer transaction management services to owners in the acquisition of hotel properties.
  • We provide pre-opening consulting and diligent management support for new hotel development.
  • We provide ongoing owner representation and act on behalf of our clients for all hospitality related matters.
  • We review, analyze and provide our recommendations regarding strategic capital planning, as well as analysis and approval of capital funding requests.
  • We review and analyze the operator’s Financial Statements compared to budget, forecast, and industry benchmarks.
  • We review and analyze the operator’s Forecasts and Annual Budget offering insights and recommend adjustments.
  • We review and evaluate all pricing policies and revenue centers, and provide recommendations regarding new or additional revenue opportunities.
  • We assist with various operating agreements: leases, licenses, insurance and other operating agreements.
  • We monitor guest satisfaction and employee performance and offer improvement recommendations and solutions.
  • We offer operational assessments across all departments and provide immediate solutions.
  • Our team continuously monitors marketing and hospitality trends that may affect the asset.
  • We conduct financial return analysis for both operating hotels and future hotel developments.
  • We perform feasibility studies for hotel development opportunities in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

Hotel Pre-Opening ServicesFrom inception to operation

A hotel pre-opening phase presents many challenges and opportunities. Setting a detailed, comprehensive, and realistic pre-opening plan is crucial to the success of any new business.

Our executive team has successfully navigated all stages of the hotel’s life cycle and collectively represent exceptional project management talent.

Our team’s extensive knowledge, global expertise and over 30 years of developing, leading, and managing both pre-opening and operating hotel properties in various market segments around the world guarantees that you will get the most out of your asset.

An overview of our Hotel Pre-Opening Services

  • We set a pre-opening budget and project financial forecasting.
  • We provide a detailed analysis of the Year One operational budget.
  • We implement a creative and thorough methodology in positioning your hotel on the market which will bring solid results and positive returns on your investments.
  • Our team undertakes the management of operational and development schedules, taking into consideration the planned opening date of the hotel property.
  • We focus on highlighting and presenting the unique selling points of your property, by executing a customized and innovative hotel pre-opening plan.
  • We offer services in design recommendation.
  • Our creative team will bring your hotel’s story to life by crafting a compelling storyline for your property.
  • We undertake the complete process of branding, concept development and marketing strategy.
  • We diligently review all hotel activities that are submitted by the operator or the appointed management.
  • We create pre-opening standards of products and services.
  • We implement operating guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • We offer assistance in the recruitment process.
  • We provide expert advice in selecting and installing procurement systems, reservation systems and pricing structures.
  • Our team will work alongside the contractor throughout the due diligence and transition process to ensure seamless handover from the contractor to the operator or management.

Hotel Management Oversight Services – Partnerships that offer endless opportunities

The challenges involved in successfully managing a hospitality venture are far more complex than any other real estate investment. For hotel owners who want to see better results, it is crucial to hire a team that has the comprehensive skill set that includes a thorough understanding and knowledge of hotel operations, management of revenues and costs, financial risks and governmental requirements, human resources, the ability to predict market trends and to adapt to any unexpected external circumstances, to name a few.

In today’s volatile market where the cost of hotel development and operation is increasing and the over-supply determines the market price, there is an immediate threat of diminishing returns. This calls for hotel owners and investors to have a more active involvement in the long term management of their assets.

We offer the following tailored services

  • We undertake the operating and financial performance review by focusing on the forecasts and budgets. This includes providing end of the month reports of the hotel operations.
  • We provide a hotel market overview with a comprehensive analysis of market trends, segmentation and benchmarking.
  • We carry out operational reviews with quality assessments of cash flow and returns in comparison to the initial investment plan, operational strategy review and department reviews. We identify unfavorable variances and offer solutions.
  • We implement a Sales & Marketing strategy with a methodical analysis of all core sales and marketing activities applied by the hotel operator.
  • We manage and advise on operator relations focusing on the appointment of key management positions, verification of management contract appliances and facilitating discussions between owners and operators.
  • We provide an Asset Overview program that monitors and evaluates the return on investment (ROI) by assessing the performance of the physical asset in compliance with exterior factors such as government policy, market trends, and health and safety regulations.
  • We believe in crafting a meaningful structure that focuses on the vision of the owner. We abide by the set guidelines to ensure that our end-goals are met by taking calculated risks to deliver a high probability of success.
  • We ensure business continuity by keeping an eye on the hospitality investment environment and provide owners with all possible exit scenarios. We monitor the property value by evaluating comparable properties in the same market area.