Development Advisory

Development Advisory

Executing our strategic growth plans in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans

At P+V Hospitality we have leaders at every level and we are committed to serving our associates, guests, and owners in an honest and open manner. Strong partnerships start with trust and we are driven by integrity. Our vision is to provide operational excellence that drives long-term value.

What We DoBuilding bridges between the present and the future

We approach each project as an opportunity to build a better tomorrow. We strongly believe in attention to detail and invest in exceptional craftsmanship. When it comes to our clients seeking development advisory, we deliver an honest and critical analysis that incorporates all the crucial factors of the decision making process. First and foremost we listen and delve deeper into understanding the owner’s vision, we then use our established pre-development processes to create a solid action plan. While you focus on what you do best, we focus on what we do best – and that is making your investments work for you.

How We ExecuteMotivated by our passion to succeed

Every project that we undertake at P+V Hospitality is a personal commitment to mastery, and a challenge to deliver groundbreaking results on investment for the owners and investors. By acting in the best interests of our clients we orchestrate the smooth operation and collaboration among consultants, architects, developers and other key players.

A Breakdown of Our Project Delivery Method

Our executive team’s expertise in developing new hotel assets spans over decades. We will help you determine and implement a course of action for your asset that will ensure top performance and maximize your return.

Innovative ConceptTurning thoughts into concepts

Every successful project started with a single thought. We will help you turn these thoughts into successful hospitality concepts.

  • The first step of actualizing a project is devising a detailed project plan. Preparation is the key to success and our team will be there to assist you every step of the way.
  • Once project feasibility has been established, our team will evaluate and recommend appropriate specialists and consultants and, if necessary, negotiate contracts on behalf of the owners.
  • We will work closely with architects, engineers, designers, the general contractor, and others to execute all stages of the development process.
  • Overview of the property location’s business environment and a detailed action plan of market penetration.
  • The final construction plan will match the owner’s vision for the project to be delivered on time and within budget without compromising project quality.

Effective DesignMaximizing business efficiency through sustainable design


In the design phase, our development advisory team will work closely with the owners, the General Contractor, the Architect, and other parties involved to produce construction plans, the interior design scope and cost estimates.

  • A development schedule will be established for the completion and all subcontractors will be recruited for the project.
  • We will ensure that every square meter counts and available space is used effectively.

Experience and ImpactWe hire the right talent


We strategically choose our partners. Our experienced team wastes no time getting projects off the ground. We focus on building value from the very beginning and focus on minimizing the risk and maximizing the long-term growth.

  • Finalizing all the aspects of the project.
  • Implementing all the project standards.
  • Delivery of the final construction plan.

ImplementationLeading the way

P+V Hospitality’s development advisory team will serve as the general construction consultant and lead the procurement process.

  • Coordination of the project and monthly budget review to ensure that all costs are kept within the initial allocated budget.
  • Provide detailed progress reports to the owners and investors.
  • Minimize project scope creep and ensure that delivery deadlines are met.
  • Oversight of punch list items and final inspections prior to finalizing the process.

HandoverWhere vision becomes reality


In the final stage of the project development, our team will assist in the handing-over process.

  • We will complete a thorough review of all areas and terms included in the contract, and provide recommendations prior to finalizing the project.
  • We provide assistance in all necessary certification and inspection documentation.
  • Additional pre-opening services and preparations for the final hotel operation.