Hospitality Advisory

Hospitality Advisory

A holistic approach to achieving operational excellence

At P+V Hospitality we provide a full spectrum of operational expertise, industry knowledge, and hands-on experience that guarantee operational excellence and unparalleled customer satisfaction. As a leading hospitality management company in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans we offer tailor-made consulting services and solutions that exclusively cater to individual brands and hotels.

What We DoWe are dedicated to the art of hospitality at every stage of the hotel cycle

Our team of passionate hospitality experts and hoteliers thrives on delivering groundbreaking results. We are deeply invested in being one step ahead of the market trends. We believe that at the core of every successful partnership lies the ability to create and maintain meaningful relationships, whether it is with our partners, employees, community, or guests.

How We ExecuteA reputation that precedes itself

Our hospitality services range from new hotel property development to establishing service standards, from assigning force task-teams to managing and enhancing your property’s operation, and most importantly ensuring that your product reaches its maximum potential at all times.

We are committed to delivering exceptional and profitable results for our partners and investors while offering meaningful experiences to our guests. We don’t believe in leading by status but rather by example.

Hotel Operator Selection Process

Establishing strategic partnerships

Acting as strategic partners, P+V hospitality is dedicated to the long-term success of the hospitality businesses that it serves. Our high-caliber hospitality experts have a strong background in operating distinguished hotel properties across the globe: from budget hotels to city hotels, from ultra-luxury resorts to upmarket lifestyle properties. When it comes to the hotel operator selection process, selecting the right partners is what we do best.

Our Hotel Operator Selection Method


We believe that extensive homework should precede the hotel operator selection process and determines the overall success of an investment. Following a successful career with major international brands, our experienced team of executives brings a wealth of long-standing relationships that are crucial to negotiating and establishing new partnerships.

  • A proper feasibility study will ensure that all aspects of the market are carefully evaluated prior to proceeding with the investment.
  • Based on the results we then recommend a particular hotel segment that suffers undersupply and evaluate the existing competition and the market demand.
  • The hotel operator selection can be complicated and time-consuming. When selecting the right operator we evaluate the brand’s portfolio, performance, aligned visions, regional presence, terms and traits as well as fee structure, among others.
  • Wading through a sea of brands in today’s competitive market can be a daunting task. We help you to shortlist the appropriate operators that will align with your goals.
  • We assist you throughout the proposal stage by receiving and evaluating each individual offer from the selected hotel providers.
  • Once the hotel operator has been selected we will work closely with the client’s legal advisors to refine and negotiate the final details of the agreement.
  • We oversee all the stages of the key legal agreements: Memorandum of Understanding, Technical Services Agreement and Hotel Management Agreement.

Food & Beverage Management Advisory – Hospitality is culture and food is the soul

At P+V Hospitality we understand how Food and Beverage outlets and public spaces can affect the overall guest experience. Food is an essential part of a memorable hospitality experience and is closely linked to the cultural aspect of the destination. In an effort to create experiential dining experiences, our food and beverage management advisory team focus on meeting each property’s individual F&B needs. Our holistic approach to Food & Beverage management involves working with proprietary, non-proprietary and licensed brands to deliver an authentic dining experience.

Restaurant Concept development


With so much competition restaurants and bars require much more than just a good concept. Trends come and go, this is why it is imperative to stay on top of your game. This is where our team comes in to ensure that your investments are a success.

  • We will carry out a feasibility study that evaluates the market trends, competition and location appraisals.
  • We assist you with the location identification focusing on the SWOT analysis before you commit to any investment.
  • We oversee the development of a business plan, brand selection and concept creation.
  • We create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), unique to your business needs.
  • We implement all the health, hygiene and safety regulations in compliance with the local requirements.
  • We offer assistance in menu development and beverage selection.
  • We provide our services in the hiring process, salary recommendations and employee bonus schemes.
  • Our training programs focus on setting general etiquette and service standards, to specific teachings that are in alignment with the brand’s identity.

Operational Assessment Services – Don’t leave your success to luck

As your business expands and complexities increase, investing in an evaluation of your people, services and operating procedures is crucial for the future growth of your business. In any business environment, circumstances are never at a standstill and whether your business is facing growth, employee turnover, or technological advancements – it is important to ensure that your operations are aligned with the ever-changing industry needs.

Our Operational Evaluation Services

To ensure your company’s success our consulting team guides and supports restructuring and repositioning processes to realign with new strategies and management principles. We evaluate all your business activities with a holistic lens.

  • We develop benchmarks for your company by evaluating your revenue and expenses.
  • We define an optimal future for your company by reviewing your competitive positioning in the market.
  • We assess your pricing strategies.
  • We engage with your team to understand the needs of your company and each department individually.
  • We review pricing strategies and reservation systems and discuss new opportunities for growth and improvements.
  • We offer marketing and sales services, as well as digital and social media marketing management.
  • We evaluate and implement best guest satisfaction practices.

Local Expertise – We know the markets in which we operate

Following a successful career with major international brands, our experienced team of executives brings a wealth of fundamental values such as transparency, loyalty, and respect to clients, owners, investors, and all third-party providers, including local and international authorities. Being exposed to a dissonance of cultures all of us are devoted to strictly following the code of ethics that ensures long-standing relationships with all clients and suppliers.

In terms of talent acquisition we work with local leading organizations, hospitality and tourism management schools, and colleges, aiming to offer graduates opportunities for the future and sharing our knowledge and know-how with future generations.

Our Local Expertise Services

What sets us apart is that all our team members also hold years of experience working for the hospitality industry in Greece, as such we can guarantee our trusted partners that we are knowledgeable of the markets that we operate in.

  • Culture and tradition are deeply rooted in our company’s DNA, as such, we believe that architectural traditions must be preserved.
  • We believe in supporting local communities and artisans, thus we try to implement local art elements in the interior design of the properties which we operate.
  • We aim to make progress in the use of sustainable products in all our hotels, supporting the development of a more responsible business model and also responding to greater demand from society for products and services that respect the environment.
  • We buy locally and support local producers. We also believe in reviving the culinary traditions.
  • We take into consideration all local events and national holidays.
  • Marketing and communication material production in local languages.
  • We follow local recruitment protocols in Staffing and Human Resources procedures.